Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Custom Motorcycle Parts

The motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle that runs on an engine. It is made up of various components such as a chassis, fuel tanks, suspensions, engines, tires, and more. Many of these parts can be replaced and customized according to the likes and personality of the bike rider.


A rider may want to replace the part of his motorcycle for the simple reason of aesthetic purposes. Usually the chassis and the rims of the motorcycle are replaced to match the personality of the rider. It can simply be a change in color, or it can bear images, such as the face of the rider, a logo, tag line, movie theme, or anything else the rider may like. The throttle and the handles can also be replaced with colors and grips suitable for the rider.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ducati Motorcycle Parts

If you have a Ducati Hypermotard then you have several upgrade options to choose from when shopping for Ducati motorcycle parts. Your first option is to upgrade your exhaust pipes. One exhaust upgrade that you can buy is the Carbon Homologated Silencer Kit. This is a 2 in 2 carbon silencer that has been designed with titanium sleeves. This exhaust kit will not only help you to reduce the noise level of your Hypermotard, but it will also help to control its emissions. Your second option for upgrading your Hypermotard exhaust system is to buy the Complete Racing Exhaust Assembly Kit. This kit is a racing 2 in 1 exhaust assembly. It offers a stainless steel manifold, carbon silencer and titanium sleeves. There are two advantages of this exhaust upgrade. First of all it reduces the weight of your bike by 7 kilograms and secondly it improves your bike's performance.