Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Custom Motorcycle Parts

The motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle that runs on an engine. It is made up of various components such as a chassis, fuel tanks, suspensions, engines, tires, and more. Many of these parts can be replaced and customized according to the likes and personality of the bike rider.


A rider may want to replace the part of his motorcycle for the simple reason of aesthetic purposes. Usually the chassis and the rims of the motorcycle are replaced to match the personality of the rider. It can simply be a change in color, or it can bear images, such as the face of the rider, a logo, tag line, movie theme, or anything else the rider may like. The throttle and the handles can also be replaced with colors and grips suitable for the rider.

Additional components such as neon lights can be installed around the chassis to enhance the beauty of the vehicle at night. This would entail a replacement of the battery for the additional load it would have to carry.

Aside from visual enhancements, the rider may also opt to enhance the audible noise created by the mufflers. He can install mufflers that would make a loud roaring noise whenever his motorcycle rushes by.

Performance is also a reason for customizing the motorcycle. Many motorcycle enthusiasts feel that the original components that come with the vehicle do not meet their standards. Especially for a cyclist who engages in street racing, he may think that the engine runs too slow or that there is not enough bounce in the suspension. These components can all be replaced with parts that can meet their requirements.

Safety is also a key issue. Brighter lights and warning signals are replaced to enhance the visibility of the motorcycle to other motorists. A change in brakes and tires can provide more traction. Visible speedometers can inform the rider of the actual speed he is going.

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